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We love games, we grew up with games and now we are on a mission of monumental proportions: to become the single source of truth about gaming and offer the ultimate online platform for gamers across the world.

IGDB is your home for everything related to video games and we want to be a part of your gaming life and provide you with the tools you need in your never ending pursuit to play games.

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As a gamer you can:
  • Keep track of your gaming history with the games you’ve played, are playing, and will play.
  • Discover something new to play, no matter the platform!
  • Create lists and save what matters to you.
  • Hang out with fellow gamers and be social.
  • Help IGDB and thousands of external projects to improve by contributing information about games, platforms and companies.

As an industry professional you can:
  • Add and edit information about your game on the site.
  • By adding information about your game to IGDB you also add your game to thousands of external projects and companies.
  • Benefit from professional press kits (they’re automatically generated, and FREE!).
  • Benefit from a live countdown if your game is about to release.
  • Claim a verified profile if you are a professional (voice actor).

If you love video games as much as we do, you will fit right in. Welcome to IGDB.com!

Our story

In 2010, Christian (the founder of IGDB) got the idea to build a database all about video games. In 2013 he managed to get a hold of the domain IGDB.com. It soon became apparent however that he was not the only one with the same idea and was able to gather a team of enthusiasts who shared his passion. And so the project was able to start. Being a hobby on the side meant that we had to work evenings, weekends and occasionally during working hours in our former jobs.

In 2014 we managed to launch our first beta version of IGDB with a database containing around 200 game titles. Pretty soon thereafter our community started to grow and together with our beloved users we started building the greatest gaming database in the world.

In 2016, we secured our first investment which meant that we were finally able to start working full-time with IGDB. Everyone of us quit our old jobs, kissed our families goodbye and moved cross countries to relocate in Gothenburg, Sweden. Starting out in a 20 square meter room in an old industry building, IGDB now has their own office, with a branch in USA and co-workers from various countries working remote, breaking traditional boundaries.

Today we are 9 people in the crew, all with different personalities, talents and interests. But we do have one thing in common: our love for gaming.

Our story has just begun. We work relentlessly towards our vision to become the ultimate platform that all gamers deserve and have been waiting for a very long time.

Our values


Passion is at the heart and soul of our company. What we do is not a job, it’s a mission filled with dedication.


We care about our users, colleagues and clients, respecting the gaming industry as a whole.
We innovate together, fulfilling a vision without boundaries.


Motivation comes and goes but if you are driven you will overcome all challenges that comes in your way.


The road less travelled is an adventure by itself. We are not here to create ordinary things, instead we create the extraordinary. And then you need to do things differently from the rest.


As passionate gamers we want to empower everyone in the gaming industry by making our data easily available. We’ll never stop being unbiased and neutral.

Our manifesto


Something that’s important to us is to remain unbiased and neutral, we will never side with a particular publication or company to give games an unfair advantages over others.


Games are more than just pixels! We want to acknowledge and help the people behind the games, be it a developer, artist, voice actor etc.. you all make games great!


We love indies! It’s a tough world out there and we want to use our power to help you reach the audience that you deserve.


Video Games comes in different styles, genres and languages. We do not discriminate whether a game is retro, indie, mobile, triple A or a visual novel. All games matters.

Stats we are proud of


Total games




Game Industry Professionals







We are Gamers!

Christian Frithiof

Christian Frithiof

Favourite Games: Fallout 2, Dungeon Keeper 2, Defender of the Crown, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Monkey Island 1-3, Syndicate, Thief

Secondary Skill: Rallying people to do extraordinary things and Sci-Fi-know-it-all.

Tyler Trollinger

Tyler Trollinger
Chief Business Officer

Favourite Games: Halo 2, Age of Empires 2, Morrowind

Secondary Skill: Pinballer and German speaker

Jake Cattrall

Jake Cattrall
Lead Frontend

Favourite Games: Zelda oot, Majora's mask, windwaker, Dota 2, Overwatch, Wolfenstein enemy territory

Secondary Skill: Music Production

Jonas Innala

Jonas Innala
Lead Backend

Favourite Games: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past, StarCraft, Grim Fandango and Uncharted

Secondary Skill: Baking absurdly large cakes and Cooking

Filip Husnjak

Filip Husnjak

Favourite Games: God of War series, Skyrim, Overwatch, Uncharted

Secondary Skill: Certified Pyrotechnician

Emil Åsberg

Emil Åsberg
Customer Experience/Scrum Master

Favourite Games: Tera, TES: Oblivion, The Halo games

Secondary Skill: Martial Artist


Design & Marketing | Community Manager

Favourite Games: Metal Gear Solid, Witcher 3, Symphony of the Night, Hollow Knight!

Secondary Skill: Chunky guitar riffs


The Maddinator
Content Specialist & Marketing

Favourite Games: The Yakuza franchise, Tomb Raider & The Witcher series, Monkey Island & Broken Sword!

Secondary Skill: Professional singer - also speaks Japanese



Favourite Games: Privateer 2: The Darkening, Zelda: A Link To The Past, World of Warcraft!

Secondary Skill: Serial hobbyist and purveyor of fine Coffee

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